Critical Communications Week 2020


Join us at the critical communications sector’s new virtual experience for five days of innovative content, cutting-edge technology and exceptional networking.

At CCWeek you will:

  • Connect with leading international suppliers
  • Compare and source technological innovations
  • Gain up-to-the-minute policy, insight and intelligence
  • Discover real-world case studies and best practice
  • Receive 24/7 access to authoritative content
  • Benefit from the virtual platform’s cutting-edge features
  • Participate and network from anywhere in the world.

Tuesday 3 Nov: 11.45AM – 12.15PM CET
Wednesday 4 Nov: 6.15PM – 6.45PM CET

        Frequency sharing in TETRA

This presentation will highlight four typical use cases for TETRA frequency sharing to describe
how to build simple, highly reliable indoor and outdoor solutions for use in low density networks
such as railways. The session will cover:
– How to build coverage with a limited number of frequencies
– How to achieve indoor coverage without external repeater systems
– How to optimise frequency efficiency in coverage driven networks
– How to build a geo-redundant base station solution to protect against antenna failure

Speaker: Simon Riesen, Senior Solutions Manager

Tuesday 3 Nov: 6.15PM – 6.45PM CET
Wednesday 4 Nov: 11.45AM – 12.15PM CET

        Interoperability between network technologies

        This session will describe how to provide easy interoperability between different PMR network
technologies based on standardised interfaces, including: – The purpose of network bridges
– How to migrate from analogue to TETRA or DMR networks
– How to expand an existing TETRA network without modifying current configurations
– How to create co-existence of two TETRA networks
– The path to LTE with IWF

Speaker: Hauke Holm, Deputy CTO​

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