07-Jan-2014 We are ONLINE.

It is quite difficult to believe that since 2006, when the company was founded, we have not had a significant online presence. More so, when we work in the technology domain and have deployed one of the best mission critical networks in India.

However, as an organisation, our hands have always been full. We have spent all our resources, energy and time in ensuring that all the projects that we secure are delivered within budget, on time and to the best of our abilities. With an undisputed track record, we today have many successful projects behind us, which go into building our capability as an organisation. And it is only because of this ability cultivated over the last seven years that we can write about ourselves, the products we sell and the solutions we create.

We are an extremely passionate organisation, proud at what we do.  In line with the foundation of our company, we have created a website which is aimed to be simple yet informative. As of now, the website incorporates majority of our products and solutions. However, there may still be bespoke and customized solutions which may be required to fulfil specific requirements of our customers.

We thank all our valued customers, colleagues, partner organisations and of course our web designers who have contributed in getting us online. We hope that our customers will find the website informative and useful.

For any queries and reviewes, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.


Devdarsh Jain

Director - Marketing

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