• CONSORT M6 is a smart LTE vehicular communicator – built to be installed in a vehicle for effective and safe communication.
  • CONSORT M6 can be typically used in transportation, fire trucks, public safety, etc. to enhance secure operations.

Status Indicator

CONSORT M6 contains LED indicators for safe and secure operations while driving at the night.

Noise Cancellation

Provides outstanding audio quality with noise cancellation feature making it reliable to be even used in noisy environments.

Extended Interface

Provides interface to various other external devices such as audio interface, power interface, etc.

Location Services

Track location of field personnel, share live locations or create location-based temporary groups.


Ensure Safe Driving while Communicating Freely

Can be easily installed in the vehicle, allowing personnel to communicate freely and efficiently while driving safely.

PTT and other Functional Buttons

Contains Push-To-Talk, programmable, and other functional buttons for quick and secure communication with other personnel.

Rugged and Reliable Design

Designed to endure harsh environmental circumstances, ensuring robustness and efficacy for secure and advanced communication.

Enhanced GPS and LTE Signals

Designed to use smart technologies allowing real-time tracking of vehicle’s location providing more connected, secure and efficient driving experience.


  • Anti-glare screen
  • Secure night driving
  • Open app ecosystem
  • Safe driving and effective communication
  • Real-time mapping and locations
  • Stable LTE coverage


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