On-Board Rail Communication

On-Board Rail Communication Solution

Consort On-Board Rail Communication Solution is a cost effective yet versatile solution for enhanced critical communication for the transportation industry. The On-Board Rail Communication Solution combines all voice and data sub-systems installed in a mobile asset and provides easy and reliable integration to the telecom and signalling systems installed at wayside through TETRA or other reliable mobile broadband communication system.

Consort On-Board Controller is designed to support integration of multiple on board subsystems for data acquisition, information transportation within on-board systems and way side control room subsystems over the TETRA infrastructure. Specific attention has been given to all aspects that make up a robust Linux distribution.


Voice and data from multiple On-board devices are integrated through the Consort On-Board Controller to support the following functionalities:


-       Automatic Detection of Driver and Guard Cabin

-       Active – Active Redundancy between Driver and Guard Cabin

-       Enhanced Train Location Reporting Services for Train Signalling

-       Help Point Call Escalation to Control Room

-       Public Announcement Calls from Control Room

-       Automated Public Information Display Messaging from PIS Server

-       Configurable Digital I/O

-       Logging and Remote Diagnostics

-       Integration to Common MMI Console in Driver Cabin


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