Wayside Rail Communication

Wayside Rail Communication Solution

Consort provides both Voice and Data integration of various telecom and signalling sub system at the Way side. The Consort wayside integration solution portfolio comprises of the Radio Integration Server (RIS) an Voice Interface Relay Server (VIRS).

RIS integrates all Data communication at Wayside including protocol translation , mapping and addressing. VIRS handles all Voice related integration.


Radio Integration Server (RIS)

RIS provides integration of all data transported from the On-Board sub systems to the Wayside over the TETRA Network.

Consort Radio Integration Server (RIS) provides integration of all data interchange between TETRA Communication System with Train Control System (TCS) and Passenger Information System (PIS). The RIS handles all protcol translation between the TETRA Communication System and the Signalling system. In addition, the RIS also maps all relevant Identifiers such as Train ID, Radio ID, ATP ID, Permanent Vehicle ID and On Board Controller ID.

The RIS also integrates PIS to deliver data from the wayside PIS to On-board Passenger Information Display System (PIDS).


RIS Integration to Signalling System

  • Location Messages are received from the ATP via TETRA Network and received by RIS.
  • RIS carries out protocol translation and delivery to Train Control System (TCS).
  • RIS provides reverse acknowledgment from TCS to ATP.
  • Time Sync is delivered from TCS to Onboard ATP.

RIS Integration to Passenger Information System

  • Protocol translation of PIS messages.
  • PIS data is transported over the TETRA Network to On-board Controller (OBC).
  • OBC triggers PIDS via Train Exchange


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