• CONSORT Integrated Dispatch Client 5224 is a next-generation, modern and versatile computer system with various peripherals integrated like Gooseneck Mic & Telephone PTT Handset to make it as all-in-one dispatching solution suitable for Control room communications and surveillance.
  • The Dispatch solution is based on modern industry standards for web interfaces and provides ease of customization, deployability and integration for control room applications.

Plug & Play Solution

All the accessories are provided in a single box making it more convenient for the users. Just plug the device and it is ready to use.

GPS Support

CONSORT Integrated Dispatcher solution provides GPS support for accurate location accessing. sharing and tracking.

SIM Support

Provides better coverage and enhances user experience by providing support for the SIM for LTE 4G/ 5G network. 

Intuitive User Interface

All the accessories provided with the product are convenient to use and user-friendly, thereby increasing overall user experience.


Integrated Client with Peripherals

The inclusion of a Gooseneck Microphone, PTT Handset, in-built Speakers and a Mounting Stand eliminates the need for separate equipment, streamlining the communication process. This integration enhances operational efficiency and minimizes clutter in the control room by providing the user-friendly peripherals.

Large Intuitive Touch Interface

CONSORT Integrated Dispatch Client 5224 provides users with a large 24-inch Anti-Glare Gorilla Glass display with capacitive touch technology that enhances user interaction making it intuitive and user-friendly.

Multi-Connectivity Options

The IP-based connectivity enables seamless communication over local networks, empowering users to interact with the system effortlessly whereas LTE 4G/ 5G connectivity enables the system to maintain a consistent and stable connection even in areas with limited wired infrastructure.

High Reliability for Mission-Critical Applications

CONSORT Integrated Dispatch Client 5224 is a unique and intuitive solution consisting of all the required features and functionalities of control room applications in a single device. Hence, it proves to be the most reliable and rugged solution for mission-critical applications.

Support for Internal and External Antenna

Provides support for Internal and External Antenna connection to enhance user experience by minimizing network failure and adapting as per the user requirement.


  • MCPTT, MCDATA Release 15 Compliance
  • Support for Various Call Functions, Alerts, Messages, etc
  • GPS for location sharing, geo-fencing and location-based calling
  • All-in-One dispatching solution
  • Improved responsiveness with a ruggedized and reliable solution
  • Intuitive Touch Interface for a user-friendly experience

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