DAMM TetraFlex® Dispatcher provides features for increased efficiency in organizations managing a fleet of subscribers with the needs of command, control and monitoring of radio communications

The DAMM TetraFlex Dispatcher enables communication with other dispatchers, with TETRA, DMR and analog radios and DAMM TetraFlex PTT. Due to this cross-technology capability only one type of Dispatcher is needed in a multi-technology network!


  • Comprehensive voice and data – Comprehensive group and individual voice and data communication.
  • Complete overview – Keep track of all subscribers, regardless of technologies.
  • GPS tracking– GPS-based tracking of subscribers showing speed, direction and history.
  • Geofencing – Create geofence with SDS or DGNA triggers


Critical communications across technologies

The DAMM TetraFlex Dispatcher enables communication with other dispatchers, with TETRA, DMR and analog radios and DAMM TetraFlex PTT. Due to this cross-technology capability only one type of Dispatcher is needed in a multi-technology network.

Simplicity and flexibility

The user interface can be customized to suit specific needs by docking/undocking individual windows, adjusting their size and arranging them as desired. The Dispatcher enables instant dispatcher functionalities upon installation on a PC and can be accessed by different users using their own user number.

Secure and failure tolerant

Apart from dongle-imposed configurations, access can be further regulated by Windows user rights and settings in the subscriber register. Access to the Dispatcher may also be protected by network authentication and a PIN code.

Comprehensive communication options

Whether communicating by text or voice, the Dispatcher covers everything from SDS text messages and group or individual calls to receipt of live video streams.

Colour-coding for ease of reference

Colour-coding is used throughout the Dispatcher for ease of identification. In the phonebook and map, colours are used to show subscriber status. On the map, colour codes make it easy to identify groups of subscribers. Colour-coded teams can be quickly linked and attached to DGNA. Colour and icon codes can also be assigned to specific audio paths.

Keep track of assets using maps and geofencing

The mapping function keeps track of company assets (e.g. vehicles, goods, personnel) and stores position history for a restricted period of time. The geofencing function can trigger alerts and warnings if a subscriber leaves or enters a specific area by SDS or by attaching DGNA groups to relevant subscribers.

Increase protection with ambient or discreet listening

Activate ambient listening to check for activity around the terminal user. Initiate discreet listening to secretly listen in on active calls without alerting the calling parties, a useful function when the control room needs to be able to listen to field communications.

Create groups on the spot for efficient response

Minimize damage to property and personal injuries in an emergency situation by efficiently coordinating personnel. Use the DGM function to create teams and link to groups for efficient communication and coordination of tasks such as clear-up, repair and emergency services. This can even be done directly from the map.


DAMM TetraFlex® Network Management provides a user-friendly and highly flexible tool for management, supervision and optimization of the DAMM TetraFlex Network consisting of DAMM single-tech and/or multi-tech products


  • Reliable and efficient : Gain easy access to network configuration and surveillance
  • Optimized radio network : Automatically record the status of all nodes in the network
  • Multi-technology support Manage TETRA, DMR, TEDS and Analog in one NM

  • Flexible and user-friendly setup Execute on any Windows PC or remote desktop thanks to the IP backbone


Reliable and effective network management

The unique graphical DAMM Network Management (NM) system gives you easy access to configuration and surveillance of the entire network. With the NM, correct operation of the whole network can be checked at any time to support high reliability and service for network users. A summarized list of statuses and alarms is automatically displayed and updated for all nodes in the system ready for detailed analysis. The NM application also allows backup and update of new software versions to all nodes in the system in one single process.

Subscriber register management

With direct connection to the subscriber register all organizations, profiles, subscribers, dispatchers, gateways etc. are maintained directly from the NM.

Radio network optimization

A comprehensive network performance logging facility, the DAMM TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System, is directly accessed from the NM to review statistical data for system optimization. Once the Voice and Data Log System has been activated, it will automatically start recording the status of all nodes in the network, such as for traffic load and timeslot distribution without any further configuration steps.

Flexible and user-friendly setup

The NM can be executed at any location with access to the DAMM TetraFlex IP backbone, either on a separate Windows PC or via remote desktop to any of the controllers. The NM can be run on several PCs at the same time.

Multi-technology support

The NM includes multi-technology support – this means that even if you are running a mix of TETRA, DMR and analog technologies, you only need one application to manage your subscribers, groups and base stations. Additionally, it supports simulcast management and configuration of up to four logical carriers in one physical carrier.


The NM security can be linked to Windows user rights to protect against unauthorized changes to system parameters and subscribers.


The DAMM TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System instantly provides comprehensive and accurate voice and data recording facilities as well as a wide range of logging facilities for Call Data Records (CDR)


  • Easy incident reconstruction : Rapid and accurate Call Data Records (CDR) logging facilities
  • Instant Access : Comprehensive and accurate voice and data recording facilities
  • Open API : Data can be passed on to third-party logging systems
  • Network optimization : Automatic logging of network performance and status data


Comprehensive and accurate CDR facilities

Developed exclusively for the DAMM® network the DAMM TetraFlex® Voice and Data Log System instantly provides comprehensive and accurate voice and data recording facilities as well as a wide range of logging facilities for Call Data Records (CDR). The DAMM TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System consists of three parts: the DAMM TetraFlex LogServer for recording and storing voice, data and CDR, the DAMM TetraFlex LogClient for retrieving and replaying voice and data and the Log API for passing real-time call data to third-party logging systems.

Reconstruction of emergency incidents

For the reconstruction of emergency and mission-critical situations the user-friendly functionalities and comprehensive set of CDR deliver rapid and accurate incident reconstructions. Whether you wish to look up SDS content or play back voice recordings, the comprehensive search criteria allow you to search for specific subscribers or groups, user-defined intervals or selected priorities. Information about registered subscribers and positions of mobiles at the time of a specific incident is also available.

The flexible solution

The LogServer and LogClient can be connected anywhere in the DAMM TetraFlex infrastructure network through the IP connectivity. The DAMM TetraFlex System supports attachment of more log servers to one system, and each log server can be set up individually to log independent groups of data or be used as a redundant log server.

The LogServer can be run directly on the base station. The possible feature set may be limited by the CPU power of the controller.

Each log server can be configured to serve individual needs and can be accessed by multiple LogClients or third-party logging systems through the Log API.

Radio network optimization

As an additional standard feature, the DAMM TetraFlex LogClient enables automatic logging of network performance and status data, which provides an efficient tool for optimization and fault-finding of your network. These status and statistical data can also be accessed through the DAMM TetraFlex Network Management.

Multi-technology support

The Voice and Data Log System includes multi-technology support – this means that even if you are running a mix of TETRA, DMR and analog technologies,  you only need one log system.

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