DAMM TetraFlex PTT is a smartphone application for secure business-critical communication across TETRA, DMR and Analog technologies – utilizing LTE or Wi-Fi.


DAMM TetraFlex PTT is a smartphone application for secure business-critical communication across TETRA, DMR and Analog technologies – utilizing LTE or Wi-Fi. It is a low-cost alternative to expensive TETRA radios and is ideal for coverage extension.


  • Easy integration: Use with all DAMM TetraFlex Gateways and applications
  • Extended coverage with LTE/Wi-Fi : Ideal for workers commuting between sites and for remote locations
  • Secure communication : Take advantage of secured and encrypted IP connection
  • Image and video transfer : 100% IP-based technology provides full architectural network flexibility


Full integration into any DAMM system

DAMM TetraFlex PTT (DAMM PTT) is a vendor and technology-independent smartphone app, tailored for secure and private communication. No radio gateways are required; DAMM PTT is a purely IP-based solution that operates independently of any radio infrastructure. DAMM PTT can be fully integrated into any DAMM system and can thereby be used with all DAMM TetraFlex Gateways and applications, like the Voice and Data Log System or Dispatcher.

DAMM PTT includes features like: 

  • Push-to-talk group calls between other PTT apps, TETRA, DMR & analog radios and dispatchers
  • Push-to-talk to bridged PMR systems connected via DAMM TetraFlex Group Bridge
  • PTT key on touch screen or via headset or Bluetooth button
  • Individual simplex and duplex calls between other PTT apps, TETRA and DMR radios or dispatchers
  • Duplex calls to telephones connected via DAMM TetraFlex Voice Gateway
  • Optimized bandwidth consumption using ACELP/TETRA voice codec
  • Video streaming to other PTT apps or DAMM Dispatchers
  • SDS text messaging between PTT apps, TETRA & DMR radios, dispatchers and other compatible devices
  • Image transfer to and from other DAMM PTT apps and DAMM Dispatchers
  • DAMM PTT registers itself via any IP network, such as Wi-Fi or 3/4G networks, to the DAMM TetraFlex Terminal Gateway

Voice communication

DAMM PTT makes it possible to listen to and talk in group calls, as well as initiate or receive full individual duplex calls. Up to seven different talk groups may be scanned simultaneously, and it is possible listen to two audio streams at the same time.

You can arrange the order of the groups on the main Group screen and choose whether the PTT button should call the last active group or the main designated PTT group. Groups can be muted / unmuted at any time.

Individual calls can be established by typing the user number, ISSI or unified number of the called party. The phonebook updates directly from the subscriber register.

SDS and positioning

With DAMM PTT it is possible to send and receive secured SDS text messages between smartphones, TETRA & DMR radios and control room applications such as dispatchers. DAMM PTT can be configured to send GPS position data at selected intervals. These data can be viewed by other apps within the same organization, the DAMM TetraFlex Dispatcher or any control room application.

Picture, video and data transfer

Utilizing the smartphone’s camera and broadband connection, it is possible to transfer images and live video to the DAMM TetraFlex control and dispatch management system.

This can be done in a safe way, taking advantage of the encrypted and secured IP connection to the TetraFlex Gateway Node.

Use-case examples

  • Coverage extension for voice calls, which is ideal for workers commuting between sites and employees in remote offices
  • Low-cost alternative to expensive TETRA radios for non-critical usage
  • Picture and video transmission for improved workflow
  • Easy sharing of status information and fleet management across a nationwide network


An important and vital subject of business critical communication is the possibility of enhanced security. The DAMM TetraFlex network and the DAMM PTT app are set up to ensure authentication of any smartphone connection. This authentication can be performed by either the smartphone or the DAMM TetraFlex network or both – like standard TETRA radios.

A minimal configuration for a private IP network can be made by just connecting the Terminal Gateway to a Wi-Fi access point, but for public IP networks DAMM recommends using a secure and encrypted VPN tunnel to each device. This can be obtained by using a Cisco ASA AnyConnect Firewall Router together with Secure Mobile Client. DAMM PTT can be configured to initiate the VPN client automatically on startup.

The highly secured AES256 bit encryption algorithm method can be used in combination with the user PIN code to access the connection and to protect integrity and communication.

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