• MCX ONE Dispatch Center provides an intuitive user interface based on modern design templates using the latest web technologies
  • It allows potential users to operate with communications, administration, alerts, location, recordings and industry-specific view
  • Communication View is the default interface for all audio,data and video communication.It also provides a call stack for all outgoing calls and provides access to call data records. Users can also create DGNA groups for situation.
  • This view provides all types of alerts created or received by the users and admin. Pinned alerts, incoming alerts, acknowledged alerts and sent alerts can be easily accessed through the view. This makes the entire alerts management task more convenient and efficient.
  • MCX ONE Dispatch Center facilitates MCX Compliant location services that enable the Control Room administrator to track subscribers location, managing operational zones on maps / Geo-fencing, GIS-based location tracking.
  • The dispatch center can be integrated into industry-specific applications of the users, to manage the operations and communications effectively. For instance dispatcher can seamlessly integrate railway signalling systems into it to provide smart functions for train control and management operations.
  • MCX ONE DISPATCH CENTER provides integrated recording for Voice, Data and Video applications. These recordings can be played thereafter for retrieving useful information in mission-critical and business-critical industries.
  • Administrative View lets the admin add a new subscriber in the contacts list, delete a subscriber, manage subscriber profile. This tab provides full functionality to the admin.

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