MCX ONE Mobile Application

In the fast-paced world of mission-critical industries, seamless communication is a necessity. MCX ONE Mobile Application is designed to empower professionals in sectors like public safety, security, and emergency services. With its intuitive interface and robust features, it offers real-time voice, data, and video communication, ensuring that critical information is shared swiftly and reliably.

MCX ONE Mobile Application
MCX ONE Mobile Application


Lets the user communicate in groups with various call and text features available in MCX ONE App including group calls, etc.


MCX ONE Interworking gateway lets the MCX ONE App handles calls and messages from legacy LMR networks.


Ensures utmost confidentiality and integrity of user traffic and signaling, safeguarding vital communication through robust cryptographic keys.


Track location of field personnel, share live location, create location-based temporary groups, or Geo-Fence group members.

MCX ONE Mobile Application

Empowering Professionals
with Intuitive UI/UX

Empowering professionals in high-pressure industries. Its modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures seamless communication when every second counts. Effortlessly connect, collaborate, and take control in high-stakes situations. Elevate mission-critical operations with the MCX ONE Mobile Application.

Revolutionizing Communication
with next-generation Push-To-X

Experience a new era of efficiency and connectivity, where every second counts and collaboration is effortless with next-generation Push-to-X capabilities of MCX ONE Mobile application facilitating Push-to-Talk, Push-To-Data, and Push-To-Video on Android, iOS, and ruggedized LTE 4G/5G devices.

Revolutionizing communication with next-generation Push-To-X
Multimedia meets mission-critical

Multimedia meets Mission-Critical
with MCX ONE Mobile Application

Share real-time chat, documents, and multimedia attachments for crystal-clear, evidentiary information exchange. Whether it’s text, photos, videos, or file attachments, communicate swiftly and clearly. Ensure precise coordination with location tracking, live sharing, temporary groups, and Geo-Fencing.

Uniting Communication
Across Devices

Seamlessly connects mission-critical professionals across a spectrum of devices. From common Android/iOS smartphones to ruggedized LTE devices with physical PTT buttons and accessories, MCX ONE Mobile Application ensures universal compatibility.

Uniting Communication Across Devices

Elevate Communication with
Advanced Call Functions

Goes beyond the ordinary, offering mission-critical industries a suite of advanced calling features. From dynamic group calls to emergency alerts, it ensures every communication is efficient, timely, and responsive. Stay connected like never before with MCX ONE Mobile Application.

MCX ONE Mobile Application Key Features

Compliant to 3GPP Release 15

MCX (Voice, Data and Video)

Individual/Group Communication

Emergency/Broadcast call

GIS Based Location Tracking

Supports ruggedized and COTS Android/iOS Device

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