MCX ONE Rail Integration Server

MCX ONE Integration Server (RIS) is the ultimate solution for seamless rail system integration. RIS connects with signaling systems through ATS (Automatic Train Supervision), bringing rail-specific capabilities to your TETRA or LTE 4G/ 5G radio network. With its compact design and optional modules, including LTE and Wi-Fi, RIS offers unparalleled flexibility.

Functional & Location Dependant Addressing

MCX ONE Rail Integration Server (RIS) offers functional, location-dependent addressing with an integrated, compact design and optional LTE/ Wi-Fi modules.

Train Mode

Configurable hardware keys, enable precise control and customization of critical train mode detection functions.


Offers precise location-based services including calling, powered by Linux Long Term Support (LTS), enhancing rail communication and safety.


Offers flexible deployment with convenient interfaces for seamless access to software logs and effortless upgrades.

Next Generation Solution – Redefining Rail Integration

Tailored for the railway industry, our user-friendly platform is built on trusted Mission-Critical Open standards, ensuring reliability and seamless communication. It is designed to evolve with the industry, ensuring compatibility with future upgrades like the FRMCS standard.

Elevating Integration with Leading Signalling OEM

Provides seamless integration with industry-leading Signalling OEMs like Alstom, Siemens, CRRC, etc.. MCX ONE RIS ensures a steady flow of critical signalling data to MCX ONE devices, guaranteeing enhanced performance, reliability, and precision in rail communication systems.

Support Various Functions and Alerts for advanced operations

MCX ONE RIS offers a rich array of functions and alert features to potential users. From Train ID to Onboard Alarms and Location-Dependent addressing, our solution empowers railway professionals with precise data and alerts for seamless, safe, and efficient operations.

MCX ONE RIS unveils data from Signalling Systems

Seamlessly connects to signaling systems to retrieve vital information such as Train IDs, Mode of Operation, Direction, and Train Position for smarter, more efficient rail operations empowering metros and railways with unparalleled data access.

Train System

Network-Agnostic Rail Excellence

Whether TETRA, LTE 4G, or 5G, MCX ONE RIS seamlessly operates on any network, liberating rail systems from network constraints. MCX ONE RIS is the key to unrestricted, efficient, and future-proofed rail operations in metros and railways.

MCX One Interworking Gateway Key Features

Dual mode of operation – TMO & DMO

Integration with Public Announcements and Alarms

Interface to Signalling Systems

Based on Future Upgrade to FRMCS

Linux Operating System

Train Protection Detection

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