• Train Radio System TRS 3900 is a versatile, reliable and state-of-art onboard radio solution that is typically installed in each front and rear cabin. It provides radio communication based on global OPEN standards such as TETRA or LTE.
  • TRS 3900 provides integration for various Rolling Stock systems such as TCMS/TIMS/TIS, PIS/PAS/PA/HP and CCTV using interfaces such as RS232, RS485, RS422, Digital I/O, Audio Lines, Digital audio output and Ethernet.

Integrated Design

Integrated, compact design suitable for rolling stock applications

Multi-bearer Support

Supports global OPEN standards [TETRA & LTE standards]

Configurable Interfaces

Configurable interfaces for integration to onboard systems

Future Upgradability

Upgrade to full IP /FRMCS architecture for future applications


Based on Global OPEN Standards

The system is based on global OPEN standards such as TETRA or LTE, ensuring compatibility with existing communication infrastructure and allowing for easy integration with other systems.

Front-Rear Configuration for Redundancy

TRS 3900 is deployed in a Front-Rear configuration, providing additional redundancy and system reliability. Both the front and rear cabins have independent radio systems, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in the event of a failure or disruption in one of the systems.

Integration with Rolling Stock Systems

TRS 3900 facilitates integration with various Rolling Stock systems, including TCMS, TIMS, TIS , PIS , PAS, PA, HP, and CCTV. The system utilizes interfaces such as RS232, RS485, RS422, Digital I/O, Audio Lines, Digital audio output, and Ethernet, enabling the transmission of essential information and data between onboard systems.

Enhanced Safety and Operational Efficiency

Enhances safety and operational efficiency by enabling seamless coordination, emergency response, and situational awareness, improving overall train operations and passenger experience.


  • Onboard Integration – Train Control & Management System [TCMS], Train Information System [TIS / TIMS], Passenger Announcement [PA], Passenger Information System [PIS], Passenger Emergency Activation [PEA], Help Point [HP], CCTV Video
  • Interface to Onboard Signalling – Automatic Train Protection [ATP], European Vital Computer [EVC] ETCS 2
  • Data from Onboard Systems – Alarms from rolling stock equipment, Alarms from rolling stock link failures, PEA / Help Point Activation, Active Cabin
  • Fault Management – 14 LED indicators, Remote display of Alarms on TRCP
  • Location – Track Circuit, GPS/GLONASS [Optional]


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