Consort Digital products and solutions are built around the core need of Mobility, Efficiency & Reliability. All our solutions support OPEN standards and leading technologies. Governments, large corporations and public safety agencies among others all place trust on our solutions that assist them achieve their mission for millions of hours.

Recognizing the need to offer tailored solutions for users in critical industries, Consort has been continuously  investing in research and development of products and solutions.

Devices also form an essential part of every solution. Consort Digital also partners with reputed OEMs to provide its customers with devices suitable for their specific operation.

Consort Digital offers wide range of professional services. Services range from design, engineering, feasibility studies, installation & commissioning, integration and operation & maintenance.

At Consort Digital, we are confident of offering you the best solution cost effectively and ensuring that you have the right communication solution for your mission.



Solutions for highly mobile users such as rail, mass transit systems, mining assets and public safety.



Solutions for instant communication  including call prioritization. Mission Critical users require instant and guaranteed voice and data for their operations.



Solutions that require high reliability and availability such that users can rely upon them with full confidence for their mission critical applications.

Products & Solutions
  • Radio Access Networks (TETRA, DMR, LTE)
  • MCX ONE: An MCX-based solution
  • Core Networks
  • Control Room Applications
  • Train Radio Solution (TETRA, LTE)
  • User Devices & Applications
  • Accessories
  • Design & Engineering
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Integration Services
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Support Services
  • Managed Services
  • Application Development
  • Device Repair Services
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Key Benefits

OPEN Standards & technologies

OPEN standards ensure full interoperability and proven solutions


Multi-technology support using software defined networks

Expansion & Scalability

Expand the capacity and scale up on a need-to-grow basis


Flexible architecture allows for easy adaptation and programming of interfaces

Ease of deployment

Easy to deploy and operate also ensures lower cost of ownership

Ready for future

Designed for current and future requirements