Designed and developed over cloud-native architecture ensuring unmatched scalability, MCX ONE Core Server serves as the foundational infrastructure for empowering mission-critical functionalities across broadband networks. Easily deployable on-premises or on a cloud, MCX ONE Core Server empowers mission-critical users with a suite of essential servers elevating efficiency and security while embracing next-level performance.



Built over cloud-native architecture supports distributed computing for scale, resilience and flexibility.

Based on OPEN

Built over global 3GPP’s MCX standard that ensures interoperability and cost-effectiveness to professional users.

Accurate location

In-built map server for advanced location services for tracking and geo-fencing applications.

Interoperable with
LMR Networks

Interoperable with narrowband systems, enabling narrowband radio networks to communicate with MCX ONE devices.

Redefining Push-to-X for the Modern Era

Redefining Push-to-X
for the Modern Era

Supports Push-to-X delivering seamless MCPTT (audio), MCDATA and MCVIDEO communication elevating operations with a real-time, reliable and efficient solution. MCX ONE Core server redefines the way to connect, collaborate and ensure security in critical operations.

Seamless Communication over
Public and Private Networks

MCX ONE Core can be seamlessly deployed over a public or private network ensuring optimal performance, ease of spectrum allocation, cost-effectiveness and timelines for elevating mission-critical operations.

Seamless Communication
Uniting 3GPP

Uniting 3GPP and non-3GPP users
for effective communication

Seamlessly integrates with diverse wireless technologies like 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi, irrespective of the underlying RAN or EPC Core for 4G/5G networks enabling the delivery of essential business and mission-critical services.

Empowering Mission-Critical Networks
with MCX and FRMCS Compliance

3GPP has developed a roadmap for mission-critical communication based on MCX standards and for rail-specific functions within FRMCS. Compliance with MCX and FRMCS ensures upgradation to support future functionalities, interoperability with other vendors and a competitive option for end users in the long term.

Empowering Mission-Critical Networks
Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment Options for
Particular Requirements

Offers mission-critical users with various deployment options tailored to their precise requirements, whether it’s a small-scale operation or a large enterprise. With deployment options spanning Edge, Enterprise and Cloud, it adapts seamlessly to the organization’s unique requirements ensuring unparalleled flexibility in mission-critical connectivity.

MCX ONE CORE Key Features

Compliant to 3GPP Rel 15

MCX (Voice, Data and Video)

Controlling & Participating – modes of operation

Backup and restore services

End-to-end security

Compliance with MCX and FRMCS standards

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