• Train Radio Control Panel TRCP 5207 is a Touchscreen Human Machine Interface, typically installed in the driver cabin and provides the train pilot with call functions like Group Call, Half Duplex  Individual Call, Full Duplex, Individual Call, Emergency Call, Broadcast Call, Passenger announcements into the Train, Text Messaging and Functional Registration.
  • TRCP 5207 is fully IP based and provides a secure network architecture offering high level of security and integrity. TRCP provides highest levels of reliability and environmental standards for the transportation industry. Depending on client specific requirements, the TRCP can be customized for key layout, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and onboard integrations.

Configurable Hardware Keys

Contains 32 physical buttons to perform critical and specific operations for quick accessibility.

Easy Software Logging and Upgrades

Contains a suitable interface for easy access to software logs and upgrades increasing reliability and security.

Integrated Design and Proven Platform

Compact design with optional modules such as LTE/ Wi-Fi based on Linux Long Term Support [LTS].

Support Numerous Call Features

Provides support for numerous call features such as Group Calls, Half & Full Duplex Calls, Emergency Calls, RTT.


Compliant with MCx and FRMCS

TRCP 5207 complies with 3GPP Release 15 & plus for mission-critical communication and rail-specific functions within FRMCS, therefore, providing upgradation and support to future functionalities.

LTE-Based Touchscreen Interface

With a 7″ TFT display, capacitive touchscreen technology and configurable hardware keys, TRCP 5207 offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and operation. Based on LTE standards, supports high-speed and reliable connectivity enabling seamless communication over long distances.

Customizable Design

The TRCP 5207 can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different clients. This includes the ability to tailor the key layout, Graphical User Interface (GUI), and onboard integrations according to individual preferences and operational needs.

Streamlined Operations

The control panel is ergonomically designed to provide quick and easy access to essential functions, hence simplifying operations for train pilots, reducing the cognitive load, and enabling efficient decision-making during critical situations.


  • MCPTT, MCDATA Release 15 Compliance
  • Types of Calls – Group calls, Full & Half Duplex calls, Emergency Calls, RTT
  • Priority Level -MCPTT, MCDATA, QCI Support, 5 Priority Levels
  • Onboard Integration – Passenger Announcement, Alarms
  • User Access – Log On/ Log Off, Configurable Menu
  • Default Groups – Mainline, Depot, Shunt, Train


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