TEDS (TETRA Enhanced Data Services) is a critical advancement in wireless communication technology, initiated in the early 2000s. Building upon the TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) standard, TEDS was designed to facilitate high-speed data transmission for mission-critical applications. It enables public safety and security professionals to access and exchange data seamlessly, enhancing their operational efficiency and situational awareness. TEDS represents a pivotal evolution in the realm of secure and reliable communications, empowering various sectors with robust data services.

Key Benefits
  • Backward compatibility
  • High Speed Data Transmission
  • Enhanced data capabilities
  • Range of Data Applications
  • End-to-end security

TEDS maintains full compatibility with TETRA Release 1, ensuring a seamless transition for existing users. This technology optimizes the use of frequency bands allocated for professional mobile radio (PMR) applications, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. It supports multiple RF channel bandwidths, ranging from 25 KHz to 150 KHz. This flexibility enables efficient data transmission across different scenarios and use cases. TEDS is equipped to handle up to eight multimedia applications, with Quality of Service (QoS) negotiation for real-time data applications such as voice, video, and telemetry. This negotiation considers attributes like throughput, delay, priority, and reliability, tailoring the service to meet specific needs and adapt to varying channel conditions. It caters to the evolving demands of industries where fast and reliable data exchange is vital for operational success and safety.

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Spectrum Utilization

TEDS maximizes radio spectrum efficiency with advanced modulation and error correction methods like QAM, CTC, and LDPC, boosting capacity and performance.

Quality of Service (QoS)

TEDS integrates enhanced QoS features for dependable, on-time data delivery. It prioritizes voice, video, and critical data, managing latency, packet loss, and jitter.

Enhanced Data Capabilities

TEDS elevates TETRA’s data capabilities, catering to messaging, file transfer, multimedia streaming, location services, and telemetry, ensuring dependable communication for professionals.

Flexible Channel Configuration

TEDS provides flexible channel allocation, adapting to data requirements, avoiding congestion with dedicated channels, and improving efficiency with packet data.