The need for MC Broadband

In April 2012, TCCA adopted the vision for Critical Communication Broadband Group [CCBG] that will drive the development of one or more common standards for Mobile Broadband that fulfill the mobile applications needs of users who operate in a Critical Communications environment.

Interworking with narrow-band systems

Work  features which were required to add to deployability and practicality of deployment of MCX have been included РMC Interworking between MCX and legacy Narrow-band Systems, interconnection and migration between MCX and other systems. Interworking with Land Mobile Radio (primarily for TETRA and P25) was added in Rel-16 (June 2020). Interworking specifications provided for speech services (MCPTT) and Short Data Service (MCData).

MCPTT and MCX Standard

3GPP entered the application domain by standardizing Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT). A new working group – SA6 – was established in order to complete the new application related work in concert with other 3GPP working groups in less than one and a half years – by March 2016. In Rel-14, completed in 2017, 3GPP added additional MC Services and enhancements to its repertoire of standardized applications. Further, releases have enhanced the functionality of MC services. FRMCS was specified in Release 15 for the first time and early trials and adoption of MCX for transportation industry (rail, metro, light rail) is planned.

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Push To X

MCX allows instantaneous Group communication for voice, data and video. Provision to use broadband 3GPP as well as Non-3GPP Access Networks ensure support for new generation broadband applications.

Enables New Features

New features such as multi device access, multi-user floor control, multi-service talkgroups for PTT, Data and Video among others

Standards & Interoperability

MCX being part of the 3GPP Standard evolution will ensure continuous enhancement and development. Interoperability will ensure networks, application servers, user apps etc. work seamlessly with each other.

COTS yet purpose-built technology

MCX Solutions utilizes user devices which are built of COTS technology yet include consideration for demanding use by professional users.