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Mission Critical technologies are undergoing advancements and evolution on the basis of changing user requirements. ETSI has delivered successful standards such as TETRA and DMR for narrow-band communication. TEDS provides increased data capacity retaining benefits of trusted narrow-band technologies. Further, 3GPP is working to enhance the current LTE standard to support MCPTT and other MC Services such as Mission Critical Data and Video. The newer 5G is not a replacement for 4G and we will find LTE 4G and 5G technology working together for the foreseeable future.

Our solutions are built over technologies that are standardized world over, interoperable and future-proof.


Terrestrial Trunked Radio


TETRA Enhanced Data Service


Digital Mobile Radio


Mission Critical ‘X’


Future Railway Mobile Communication System

LTE - 4G

Long Term Evolution – Fourth Generation

LTE - 5G

Long Term Evolution – Fifth Generation

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