Train Radio Control Panel 5205

Step into the future of railway control with the cutting-edge Man-Machine Interface, TRCP 5205. Meticulously engineered for unwavering reliability and user-friendliness, it seamlessly supports both human-assisted and autonomous rail systems. Its integrated design ensures effortless maintenance and operation, setting a new standard in railway technology.

Train Radio Control Panel 5205

Train Radio Control Panel TRCP 5205

TRCP 5205

Key Highlights

  • 5” CORNING® GORILLA® TFT Display
  • 32-key integrated tactile keypad
  • High Impact and abrasion resistance
  • M12 Industry-standard connectors
  • EN 50155/ EN 45545 Certified
Train Radio Control Panel 5205

Programmable 32 key keypad
with integrated display

TRCP 5205’s integrated 800 x 480 pixel display and customizable keypads featuring 32 keys provide seamless control to the users enhancing efficiency, streamlining operations and providing reliability at the fingertips.

Safeguarding against
environmental challenges

Exceptional robustness is achieved through its IP65 rating, providing protection against dust and water infiltration, guaranteeing top-notch performance in demanding conditions. TRCP 5205 is meticulously crafted to adhere to the stringent operational standards of the railway sector, offering a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

IP 65 Waterproof

Mission Critical
TETRA Standard

TRCP 5205 is fully aligned with Mission Critical TETRA standards ETSI EN 300 – 392, guaranteeing the utmost compliance for maximum security, high reliability and dependable narrowband voice and data connectivity efficiency.

Seamless transition from human-assisted to autonomous train operations

TRCP 5205 ensures smooth transition between human-assisted and autonomous operation by supporting the escalation of calls, critical alarms, and passenger distress help point calls to the control room, guaranteeing uninterrupted safety and efficiency.

On Board Interface

Onboard Interface to TCMS for Reliable Rail Operations

TRCP 5205 seamlessly integrates with the Train Control and Management System enhancing reliability and efficiency. TCMS offers active cabin detection and critical onboard alarms prioritizing safety in rail operations.

Unlocking the Power of TRCP 5205 Features

TETRA Trunked Mode (TMO) and Direct Mode (DMO)

TETRA voice and data service

Pre-emptive and non-preemptive prioritization

Single key operation


Front-Rear Active Redundancy

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