FRMCS [Future Rail Mobile Communication System] is the future worldwide telecommunication system designed by UIC, in close cooperation with the different stakeholders from the rail sector, as the successor of current communication technologies but also as a key enabler for rail transport digitalisation. FMRCS has the objective to become the worldwide standard, conforming to European regulation as well as responding to the needs and obligations of rail organizations outside of Europe.

Key objective
  • Obsolescence of narrow band bearer technologies
  • To upkeep with modern telecom infrastructure
  • Need for more bandwidth to support advanced features
  • Maximum standardization (3GPP R16 onwards)
  • Enabler for rail digitization [ train control, security, safety]

FRMCS is designed to be much more than a communications system as it will be most likely based on 5G technology, which will provide a huge increase in capacity to offer new services in addition to enhanced safety and security, low latency and improved rail network performance and reliability.

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Upgrade to Broadband

Customer operating legacy technologies can confidentaly migrate to new 4G/5G technology.

Advanced features

New features for rail digitalization, safety and security for modern rolling stocks

Standards & Interoperability

Global standard for rail communication with support for current and upcoming 3GPP broadband technologies


FRMCS is being built to consider various cybersecurity aspects to ensure safety and security of rail applications.