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RIS Installation Guide

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Install Docker Engine

  • Copy the static binary archive provided in the  “Docker Engine” folder of the Installation drive.
  • Alternativel , download the static binaries from the following link – 
    • Go to the “Install Static binaries”
    • Select the URL for download.
  • Write command  “sudo apt-get install” .
  • To check Docker version installed use –  “docker –version” .

Loading RIS and Configuration

  • Copy the RIS application file – ris.tar.gz to the same folder.
  • Copy the RIS configuration file in the same folder e.g. jmsProviderConfig
  • Once you have docker running ,use the following command to load RIS image to local docker repository.

docker load < ris.tar.gz
docker run –env-file ./jmsProviderConfig -d -p 8090:8090 –name RIS ris
docker logs RIS

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