Train Radio Control Panel 5207A

Designed with the utmost precision and innovation, TRCP 5207A redefines radio communication on the rails. From essential call functions to advanced features, it ensures the train pilot remains connected and informed throughout the journey. Its robust design, secure architecture, and user-friendly interface make it the ideal companion for every train operator.


Train Radio Control Panel TRCP 5207A


Key Highlights

  • Anti Glare GORILLA Glass with 7” TFT Display
  • 10-key illuminated touch keypad
  • Stereo Vision IR Camera
  • Inbuilt Microphone
  • M12 Industry-standard connectors
  • EN 50155/ EN 45545 Certified
TRCP 5207

Touch display with programmable touch keypad

TRCP 5207A consists of an Intuitive 7” TFT touch display with 1024 x 600 pixels and an illuminated 10 keys touch keypad redefining mission-critical communication. Instantly access vital functions at fingertips including one-touch emergency calls increasing overall reliability and efficiency.

Engineered to thrive in
extreme environments

TRCP 5207A is manufactured to meet rigorous operational requirements of the rail industry with operating temperatures of -30°C to +80°C. Improved durability with IP65-rating, safeguarding against dust and water ingress, ensuring performance in most challenging environments.

IP 65 Waterproof

Next-Gen Railways with LTE 4G
Broadband and 5G Upgrade

Experience the future of railways with TRCP 5207A, delivering Next-Gen connectivity through LTE 4G/5G broadband support, with the flexibility of IP connectivity, WiFi and Bluetooth options to empower your operations ensuring seamless communication.

Futureproofing rail operations with
3GPP MCX and FRMCS standard

TRCP 5207A adheres to 3GPP MCX and upcoming FRMCS standards, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of rail operations while safeguarding customer investments with future-proof technology for upcoming upgrades and long-term support.


Seamlessly integrates with onboard systems for dependable operations

TRCP 5207A effortlessly integrates with various rolling stock systems such as Train Control and Management Systems, Public Announcements, Passenger Emergency Activation, Help Points and CCTV for surveillance ensuring safe, efficient and reliable rail journeys for all.

Unlocking the Power of TRCP 5207A Features

MCX Voice, Data and Video

Functional and location-dependent addressing

Front-Rear Redundancy

Automated Train LOGIN/LOGOFF

Onboard Alarms and Alerts

All IP-Architecture

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