Train Radio System 3910

Designed with cutting-edge technology, TRS3910 is the gateway to onboard communication and integration. It connects front and rear cabins effortlessly, offering global standard radio communication through TETRA or LTE 4G/ 5G. With a robust array of interfaces, it integrates flawlessly with various rolling stock systems ensuring secure transmission of crucial data.

Train Radio System 3910

Train Radio System 3910

Train Radio System 3910

Key Highlights

  • TETRA and LTE support
  • 9 TNC ports for RF/GPS/Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 18 M12 Industry standard connectors with Db9 connector for Audio
  • Robust mechanical design in a compact 3U form factor
  • Multiple interface options, including Ethernet and RS232/RS485/RS422
  • Mention about MIMO support
  • EN 50155/ EN 45545 Certified
Train Radio System 3910

Endless Possibilities with Multiple Interfaces

With 18 ports for M12 Industry standard connectors and 9 TNC ports for RF/ GPS/ Wi-Fi and a DB9 connector for Audio, TRS 3910 offers railways endless possibilities for seamless connectivity and communication.

Reliable communication in all conditions

With an IP20 rating, an operating temperature range from -30°C to +70°C, and the ability to withstand humidity levels from 5% to 95% RH, TRS 3910 ensures unwavering reliability and dependable communication.

Train Radio System 3910
LTE - Tetra

Enables narrowband to broadband upgrade

TRS 3910 seamlessly bridges the gap with TETRA connectivity for dedicated users and LTE 4G/5G for modern connectivity needs offering railways a versatile, future-ready solution that ensures uninterrupted communication for all.

TRS 3910 Meets Stringent Standards

TRS 3910 is the trusted companion for Railway operations aligning with the industry’s highest standards. From TETRA’s ETSI EN 300-392 to LTE’s 3GPP Release 12+QCI and forthcoming FRMCS regulations it ensures reliable and secure performance, guaranteeing safety and efficiency.

Train System

Enables integration with Rolling Stock and Signalling systems

Whether it’s Train Control and Management System, Public Announcements, Help Point, CCTV integration, or onboard signalling systems such as Automatic Train Protection, KAVACH, etc. TRS 3910 effortlessly connects through diverse interfaces.

Unlocking the Power of TRS 3910 Features

Instant fault detection with LEDs

Front-Rear Redundancy

Wide range input power supply (43-160 VDC)

Multi-bearer support [TETRA/ LTE 4G/ 5G]

Integrated and compact design

Configurable Interfaces

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