Siyata SD7 is a rugged, compact and simple yet highly functional PTT-only device delivering the benefits of Push To Talk over Cellular. It provides loud and clear communication between operators and is suitable for rugged day-to-day operations and users who do not need complete smartphone features. MCX ONE Mobile Application is completely integrated with Siyata SD7 device providing ease and reliability to professional users. 


The Zebra TC15 is a rugged and versatile mobile computer designed to meet the challenging demands of on-demand, fast-paced industries. With features like an extra-large 6.5-inch screen, a 13MP camera, a long-lasting battery, and a durable design, it enhances productivity and efficiency across various applications, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses. The MCX ONE Mobile Application seamlessly integrates with the Zebra TC15 device, offering voice, data, and video functions, in addition to enabling Push-to-Talk features, conveniently accessible via a programmable button designed for professional users.

COTS Android/ iOS Handhelds

The MCX ONE Mobile Application is compatible with off-the-shelf Android and iOS mobile devices, enhancing communication for professionals. It offers dependable real-time multimedia sharing for clear and verifiable information exchange. Additionally, the application includes location services, allowing users to share their current location, create location-based temporary groups, and receive geo-fencing alerts for added functionality.

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