For one of largest railways in the world, reliable and safe operation rely on a mission critical mobile communication system between trains and control rooms proven TETRA technlogy.

TETRA provides a very reliable and efficient communication solution supporting various call types and mission-critical narrowband data. Train operators can be assured of very high reliability and instantaneous communication during normal and emergency situations.


Key objectives of MTRC for the rail operators are :

  • Efficient and reliable train operation
  • Improve safety of operations during normal and emergency situations
  • Increase On time performance for trains
  • Improve headway in available tracks
  • Security of passengers

The communication solution is required to meet the following key requirements :

  • Coverage – provide reliable coverage across track sections and in depots etc.
  • Good audio quality – drivers suffer from high cabin and ambience noise and therefore the radio system must be able to filter out maximum noise during transmission.
  • Instant communication – instant call setup for train driver communication to control rooms.
  • Functional addressing – Communication facilities using Train ID from TMS.
  • Integration to Onboard Public announcement systems – Ability to make a live PA announcement from Dispatcher in OCC to any specific or group of trains.


TETRA MTRC based on DAMM TetraFlex Solution provides the following facilities –

  • Communication facilities
    • Driver – Guard Communication
    • Train-Controller Communication
    • Cab to Cab Communication
    • Broadcast Call
    • Train PA Call from OCC
  • Integrated MMI for Train Cab – Train Radio Control Panel suitable for rail application providing driver with convenient and intuitive human machine interface.
  • Data communication – Key alerts and alarms from train to control room.
  • Functional Addressing – Dispatcher Workstations with Train ID mapping from TMS for ease of dispatch operation.
  • Comprehensive network management
  • Voice and data recording system
  • Coverage across entire track section


Consort Digital TETRA based MTRC solution provides the following benefits  –

  • Loud and clear audio with reduction in background noise in driver cabin.
  • Good coverage across entire railway track.
  • Secure communication with no interference.
  • Extremely high spectrum efficiency therefore scalable for future requirements.
  • Advanced call features such as Individual call, Group call and Emergency call.
  • Narrow band data for critical applications such as alarms and status messages.
  • Integration with Train Management System [TMS].
  • Integrated GPS for location tracking.
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