Helo Deck Communication System provides instant, reliable communication between the various compartments and personnel involved in helicopter operations onboard warships.

These systems are installed for use onboard warships in a naval force that have helicopter operating and/or carrying capabilities and which regularly undertake HELO operations during various missions. During these operations, instantaneous, clear and reliable communication between personnel is considered an essential requirement both from operations as well as flight safety perspective.


The Helo Deck Communication System (HDCS) is to provide reliable and secure hands-free communication between the various Landing Safety Operators and other personnel involved in helicopter operations.  HDCS is intend  to be used for front line  warships in the Navy that have helicopter operating and/or carrying capabilities and which  regularly undertake Helo operations during various exercises. During these operations hands-free communication between personnel is considered an essential requirement both from operations as well as flight safety perspective. Further, this would be an independent system for communication required for safe and efficient conduct of flying operations.

Some of the key requirements of the HDCS are :

  • Comprehensive coverage

The proposed solution must cover all areas of the deck as well as areas in the ship. Requirements of high reliability ensures that no communication is missed.

  • Clear and  loud audio in noisy environment

The proposed communication system shall support clear and loud audio communication even in noisy environment such as during helicopter landing.

  • Flexible deployment

There is a need for flexible deployability due to various constraints of installation on the ship.

  • Fixed LSO Dispatcher

Fixed radio or IP dispatch for Landing Safety Officer [LSO] positions on the ship. Dispatch man machine interface [MMI] must be configurable and support multiple priorities.

  • Intrinsically safe handsets and hands-free operation

The handheld devices used in Helo Deck communication must ensure intrinsically safe specifications. Handsets must also support hands-free operation with integration to officer helmets and body suits.

  • Integrated voice and data recording

The solution must support complete recording of all voice and data communication within the system. This is important for safety, audit and incident replay in case of any emergencies or incidents.


Helo Deck Communication Solution (HDCS) is based on DAMM TetraFlex Solution. TETRA technology is proposed as the technology of choice due the reliability and interoperability. TETRA radio solution uses world class TETRA codec that helps deliver clear audio even in loud environments such as during Helo Deck operation. The solution comprises of DAMM BS421/BS422 Base Station for radio network and intrinsically-safe handsets. Dispatch consoles are provided for various LSO cabins. Each handheld radio terminal users is equipped with suitable accessories for hands-free operation.

HDCS solution comprises of the  following sub systems and may be customized based on the end user requirement:

  • DAMM TetraFlex Base station -IP67 Outdoor Configuration
  • Digital Radio Terminals (ATEX)  for portable locations
  • IP based Touchscreen Rugged Control Panel/ RF based Fixed Radio for Static locations
  • Network Management
  • Voice and Data Recording
  • Cranial type Helo deck safety helmets with VOX/PTT headset for Hands free Operations


Key benefits of the offered Consort Digital HDCS solution are as follows :

  • OPEN standard –  ensures interoperability and support for multi-vendor devices.
  • Flexible and scalable deployment – small and compact t base station configuration ; suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Proven technology – high communication reliability, high MTBF and Availability
  • Suitable user devices and accessories –  proposed handsets, accessories and dispatcher consoles as per specific user requirements
  • User friendly and low maintenance – proposed solution ensures ease of use and extremely low maintenance.
  • Secure – the solution offers full security with options of air interface and end to end encryption.
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