CONSORT upgrades PRO ONE to multi-tenant Push To X operator network

Consort Digital, leveraging its MCX ONE critical communication solution, has entered into a definitive agreement to upgrade PRO ONE managed services to the next generation, facilitating the transition from narrowband to broadband connectivity for professional users.

Under the upgraded PRO ONE managed services, clients will have access to a diverse array of network and connectivity options, deployment platforms, devices, and applications. The enhanced service offerings will encompass various plans tailored to meet the distinct needs of different user segments.

PRO ONE managed services will now offer both narrowband and broadband connectivity options, allowing customers to select between the two or opt for a hybrid combination. This flexibility ensures that clients can choose the most suitable network solution for their specific requirements.

The most recent release of MCX ONE introduces crucial features tailored for operator partners, including multi-tenancy and mobile data management capabilities. These features are pivotal for operators to easily offer managed services through partners to customers, making their services more effective and flexible. Partner operators have access to a specialized partner portal. This portal facilitates subscription management, operational support systems, network monitoring and management tools, as well as streamlined billing and e-commerce functions. This new approach simplifies operations and boosts efficiency and revenues for both operators and partners. 

PRO ONE shall be able to take advantage of the modern architecture and technologies that help consistently, reliably and at scale deliver critical communication services to its end customer organizations.

About MCX ONE Solution

MCX ONE Mission Critical Solution is a 3GPP-based Open standard mission-critical communication platform. It supports Push to Voice, Data, and Video over public/ private broadband networks (LTE 4G/5G, Wi-Fi). The solution also integrates narrowband technologies such as TETRA, DMR, etc. It also enables various multimedia features essential for the modern communication requirements of professional organizations.

MCX ONE solution and MCX ONE Dispatch Center have been shortlisted for the best MCX product/ solution of the year 2024 by the International Critical Communications Awards.

About Consort Digital

Consort Digital is involved in the design, research and development, and deployment of solutions based on OPEN standards such as TETRA, DMR, and MCX over LTE 4G and 5G. Consort Digital provides solutions for market segments such as mass transit, transportation, public safety,  and operators among others.

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About PRO ONE 

PRO ONE provisions managed services for solving communication requirements of professional customers. PRO ONE deploys end-to-end mission and business critical communication solutions based on proven and reliable technology such as Trunked Terrestrial Radio (TETRA) and upcoming Long Term Evolution (LTE). PRO ONE derives from its experience in deploying solutions in customer segments including Public Security & Safety, Municipalities, Steel, Power, Mining, Railways, Transport, Industrial, Hospitality and other commercial segments.

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