DAMM launches frequency sharing functionality

The official launch of the frequency sharing functionality in the DAMM Outdoor Base Station BS422 is here!

With this functionality it becomes possible to:

• Improve spectrum efficiency
• Simplify repeater systems
• Obtain base station geo-redundancy

Check out our website for more information about this new functionality www.dammcellular.com/damm-frequency-sharing. You can also learn more in our live sessions at Critical Communications Week (CCWeek) taking place 2-6 November 2020. Click here to sign up.

Visit DAMM virtual booth at CCWeek
Although our physical booth has been swapped for a virtual one, it will have the same features as usual. This means that you can still drop by to explore our products and solutions and meet our team, who are looking forward to answering your questions and discussing future projects with you.

World leaders
DAMM are recognised world leaders in cutting-edge, software-defined radio communication systems built for the future of critical communications. The launch of the frequency sharing functionality represents a further step forward in cost-efficient solutions that maximise performance, simplify system architecture and help to create the most resilient critical communications networks possible.


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  • About DAMM
    DAMM is a world-leading provider of scalable, flexible and user-friendly digital radio infrastructure systems to industrial, commercial and public safety customers. Built for the future of critical communications, the DAMM MultiTech Platform enables voice and data communication across technologies, including TETRA, TEDS, DMR and Analog in one single system. With over 35 years of experience in critical radio and broadband communication, DAMM takes the lead through superior engineering and a constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity. 
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