MCX One Dispatch Center

MCX ONE Dispatch Center is next next-generation dispatching solution for seamless communication and control. It combines modern IP architecture and intuitive UI/UX framework for effortless customization, deployment, and integration. Designed to meet industry standards, it supports hosted, cloud, and redundancy options. It seamlessly integrates with legacy LMR systems and provides end-to-end security for voice, data, and video services.


Advanced Location

Provides high-accuracy location information with GIS-based maps. Salient features include Emergency-based location tracking, Geo-fencing, and Alerts based on location change.

Interoperable with
LMR Networks

MCX ONE Dispatch Center enables standard-based interoperability with legacy LMR systems, such as TETRA, DMR or P25 etc, ensuring multi-technology communications.


Ensures total security, safeguarding user traffic and signalling at application layer and protecting communication with robust user authentication and cryptographic keys.

Unique Recording

Provides integrated recording for Voice, Data and Video applications. These recordings are useful in retrieving crucial information in critical communications industry.


Modern Dispatching Made Effortless with MCX ONE’s UI/UX

MCX ONE Dispatch Center’s intuitive UI/UX design simplifies modern dispatching, empowering control room operators to manage tasks effortlessly. Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and stay in control with ease.

Elevate Communication with
Crystal-Clear Views

Elevate control room communication with a view-based dispatching solution by providing a range of perspectives, from communications and alerts to locations and recordings. Tailored industry-specific views ensure smarter, more efficient operations.

Tailored solutions for every industry requirements

Seamlessly integrates with specialized applications for customized dispatching solutions. Experience a one-stop solution for critical operations, precisely catering to your industry-specific requirements. From Railways to Airports, caters to industry-specific requirements ensuring efficiency and precision.

Interoperability Redefined for Legacy LMR Systems

MCX ONE Dispatch Center seamlessly integrates with legacy LMR systems like TETRA, DMR, and P25, facilitating multi-technology harmony and redefining communication. Elevating control room’s capabilities by bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

Compliance with global 3GPP MCX Standard

Meticulously crafted to align with 3GPP’s MCX standard, ensuring international compliance and facilitating seamless voice, data and video communication thereby elevating control room capabilities and operational efficiencies.

MCX ONE Mobile Application Key Features

Compliant to 3GPP Release 15

Geo-fencing and alerts

Multiple deployment options: hosted, cloud

Efficient DGNA

Public Address & Help Point

In-built recording feature

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