MCX ONE Interworking Gateway

MCX ONE Interworking Gateway (IWF) offers a seamless connection between traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems and the cutting-edge MCX technology ensuring service continuity for existing LMR users while allowing for effortless upgrades to MCX networks. With high scalability and flexible deployment, it simplifies interconnectivity between incompatible LMR networks, prioritizing seamless communication and embracing global standards effectively.

Co-existence of LMR and MCX

Allows organizations to replace their entire legacy system while building out their broadband networks i.e. legacy networks can continue to co-exist with MCX.


The gateway eliminates the need for expensive network upgrades by enabling interoperability between different networks hence providing cost-effective solutions.

Solution with
Reduced Complexity

Built over cloud-based architecture with modern edge deployments with easy fault detection and correction, thus, reducing complexity in connecting different networks.


Provides seamless communication between different networks ensuring that users can communicate without interruption, regardless of the network they are on.

Bridging gaps: Narrowband and Broadband Communication

A bridge that seamlessly connects narrowband and broadband communication. MCX ONE IWF, seamlessly integrates legacy networks (TETRA, DMR, P25, Analog, etc.) to modern technology (MCX), empowering communication, keeping users connected, always.

LMR to MCX migration made simple

Effortlessly transition from LMR to MCX while maintaining legacy networks. Uninterrupted communication across networks ensures seamless operations in mission-critical industries, making complex migrations feel simple.

MCX ONE IWF integrates with DAMM TETRAFlex

Seamlessly integrates with DAMM TETRAFlex ensuring flawless connectivity for mission-critical industries and uniting two powerful technologies – TETRA and MCX. MCX ONE IWF ensures uninterrupted communication providing users with the benefits of narrowband and broadband communication.

Integration of MCX ONE IWF with Telephony System

Elevate your mission-critical communication with MCX ONE IWF’s integration with PBX (Telephony System). Seamlessly bridge the gap between two essential technologies, ensuring robust connectivity in high-stakes industries.

MCX ONE IWF: Custom Integration Solution

Tailored to your unique needs, it seamlessly integrates with precision, ensuring your communication network evolves alongside upgradable global standards (when available). Elevate connectivity, streamline operations, and embrace the future with MCX ONE IWF in mission-critical industries.

MCX One Interworking Gateway Key Features

Seamless Integration

Based on global OPEN standards

Identity Mapping

Flexible Deployment

Smooth Migration

Backward Compatibility

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