• MCX ONE Interworking Gateway provides integration of voice and data services between MCX and narrowband land mobile radio (LMR) systems.
  • MCX Interoperability with narrowband systems is done through a standard-based feature called the Interworking Function (IWF); meaning legacy networks can continue to co-exist with MCX ONE.

Enhanced Communication

Provides seamless communication between different networks ensuring that users can communicate without interruption, regardless of the network they are on.

Cost - Effective Solution

The gateway eliminates the need for expensive network upgrades by enabling interoperability between different networks hence providing cost-effective solutions.

Co-existence of LMR and MCx

Allows organizations to replace their entire legacy system while building out their broadband networks i.e. legacy networks can continue to co-exist with MCx.

Solution with Reduced Complexity

Built over cloud-based architecture with modern edge deployments with easy fault detection and correction, thus, reducing complexity in connecting different networks.


  • Ease of upgradation from narrowband to broadband networks


  • Service continuity to existing users


  • An easy path to future-proof current deployments


  • Custom integration with upgradability to global standards (when available)


  • Prioritization between systems is managed


  • Pre-emption


  • Group Affiliation
  • Group Call
  • Individual Call
  • Emergency Call
  • Broadcast Call
  • Short Data Messages/ MCData
  • DGNA
  • Call Merge
  • Ambience Call
  • Late Entry
  • Location Services


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